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Physics of the Mind and Body

Winter term 2004

Professor Timothy Chupp

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Discussion Meets Wednesdays, 5:15 PM, Room 268 Dennison



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(updated from 2003 as the term progresses)

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Thermodynamics and metabolism/Body Forces

Lecture 3: Body Mechanics

Lecture 4: Physics of the Skeleton

Lecture 5: X-rays

Lecture 6:X-ray Imaging

Lecture 7: Tomography: CT and PET

Lecture 8: Radiation and Health

Visit to Radiation Oncology: TBA

Lecture 9: Liquids and Gases in the Body

Lecture 10: The Physics of Breathing

Lecture 11: The Physics of the Blood

Lecture 12: The Cardiovascular System

Lecture 13: Radiation Oncology

Lecture 15: Magnetic Resonance Imaging I

Lecture 16: Magnetic Resonance Imaging II

Lecture 17: Magnetic Resonance Imaging III


Lecture 17: Visit fMRI Lab

Lecture 18: The Neural System

Lecture 19: Properties of Sound

Lecture 20: Sound and Hearing

Lecture 21: UltraSound

Lecture 22: Visit UltraSound Lab -MAP

Lecture 23: Light and Vision I

Lecture 24: Light and Vision II

Lecture 25: Light and Vision III

Lecture 26: Lasers in Medicine

Lecture 27: Laser Lab Tour

Photography: Physics+Vision (and a little chemistry)


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